I would like to boost the signal for a new community: [community profile] unconventionalcourtship. The sign-up is now until I have no idea when. It will run from March 15 through April 14. Each and every day now has someone writing for it, and many days have two people, so you can have any day you want. I chose March 31. It's for all fandoms, all pairings. The story has to be at least 1000 words.

The only catch is you have to pick your summary from a Boones and Mills/Harlequin Romance novel (or combine two or three), substituting the names of your characters, and the pronouns, of course, if needed, and write that story. The mods are really easy. You can change the setting, the plot, etc. As long as you hold to "the spirit of the summary," it's all good. I think that means as long as there's plenty of steamy sex, you're fine.

If you want to signal boost this yourself, there are dozens of these banners already made. Perhaps there is one more relevant to your interests; if not, the mod will make one for you if you supply a photograph.


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