Back in the day, there was an X-Files community, meaning a mailing list, called Scullyfic. In 2001, the list administrator Jill Selby issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. You can read the stories that resulted at Scully in 155. The fics are not all exactly 155 words: some are a little longer, some shorter.

In honor of her upcoming 50th birthday, we at Scully Fest thought it would be fun to issue the same challenge to the fandom. You can post the stories as a comment to this post, either in a comment or a link. You can post your story on your day if you signed up for one. You can even still sign up for a day since several have opened up. Or if you'd rather, you can wait for her birthday free-for-all day.

 photo 5b1b192c-32ac-4a08-ae65-d3aea5130cb3_zps17e09eb7.jpg

In conclusion,



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