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As some of you already know, Porn Battle XIV has begun. You have from now until the 30th of January to write and post your fic. For your convenience, under the cut are all of prompts for The X-Files and for RPF: The X-Files. There are some for nearly every pairing I could imagine, and plenty for pairings I hadn't, too, as well as some intriguing Stargate SG-1 cross-over ideas. I, for one, would love to read some Freya/Anise/Fox Mulder smut muffins.

In case anyone was uncertain about it, you don't have to write explicit sex scenes for these. Fade to black is fine. Fade to black is more than fine. You can also create art, vids and songs.

Alex Krycek/Dana Scully, bad, one-handed, kissing, memory, absolution, skin, scars, refuge
Alex Krycek/Dana Scully/Fox Mulder, post-apocalypse, shelter, competition, alive, alliance
Alex Krycek/Fox Mulder, obsession, lips, trust, kissing, crush, bed, motel, betrayal, opportunist, tie, shoulders, help, grief, cold, flexible, sudden, bruise, closet, fist, sting
Alex Krycek/Jeffrey Spender, knowledge, power, darkness, confusion
Alex Krycek/Jeraldine Kallenchuk, hide, shock, neon, translation, transaction
Alex Krycek/Marita Covarrubias, sharp, hurt, ice, last, revenge
Alex Krycek/Walter Skinner, clone, compulsion, temper, pride
Cigarette Smoking Man/Teena Mulder, flirt, spring, secrecy, intimate
Dana Scully/Diana Fowley, trust, secrets, lies, smoking, driving, panties, telephone, kissing
Dana Scully/Ed Jerse, artistry, impulse, dim, rebellion, smoky
Dana Scully/Fox Mulder, [any], mysterious, comfortable, porn, happy, quirky, Halloween, airport, Oxford, fire-escape, summer, cornfields, rest-stop, trailer, Oregon, sand-dunes, 1994, case, light, watching, sky, waterbed, blood, solidarity, frustration, self-destructive, impulses, contagious, intensity, gaze, ice, her, feeling, delicate, tie, fish-tank, teasing, share, friends, undercover, fieldwork, agents, drugged, haven, rumpus, vacation, hotel, spooky, innocence, smack, cheap, kissing, quarantine, fugitive, desk, backseat, awake, surprise, stretch, uncertainty, laughter, grass-stain, savor, stumble, stars, arch, doubt, drive, home, teach, warm, wish, baseball, midnight, holiday, ice cream, office, our home, December 21st, fifty, colonization, flee, regression, viagra, reunion, eyebrow, giggling, porn, obscene, tomorrow, self-destructive impulses are contagious, intensity of her gaze, ice, makes her feel delicate, sighting, drums, field
Dana Scully/Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner, important, rescue
Dana Scully/John Doggett, rough, broken, storm, relief
Dana Scully/John Doggett/Monica Reyes, console, admission, grave, oblige
Dana Scully/John Kresge, stand-in, design, incomprehensible, future
Dana Scully/Monica Reyes, frown, tickle, crush, kissing, numbers, uncertainty, massage, tender
Dana Scully/OFC (played by Victoria Faerber – the blonde nurse from all things), past life, music, mysticism, serenity
Dana Scully/Pendrell, crush, lab, meticulous, indulgence
Dana Scully/Walter Skinner, office, paperwork, file-cabinet, agent, dutiful, kissing, telephone, fantasy, missing, search, lonely, comfort, season-eight, motel, pregnant, authority, intent, informal, subtlety
Diana Fowley/Marita Covarrubias, contrast, bargain, negotiate, poise
Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner, power, control, reprimand, wish, spanking, aliens-made-them-do-it, laughter, brave, fight, [any]
Diana Fowley/Fox Mulder, discovery, elation, desktop, psychology, obsession, smoking, secrets, lies, trust, belief, kissing, telephone
Fox Mulder/Kristen Kilar, pulse, coarse, sink, wish
Fox Mulder/Phoebe Green/OC, switch, experimental, mouth, voyeur
Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner, bondage, exchange, rules, insubordination, compromising, impatience, war
John Byers/Suzanne Modeski, chance, alias, code, distance, diversion
John Byers/Ringo Langly, punk, pornography, persistence, idealism
John Doggett/Monica Reyes, whisper, trust, warmth, vision, once, haste, almost
John Doggett/Shannon McMahon, Beirut, casualty, recover, command
Monica Reyes/Brad Follmer, ease, tangle, smooth, tempt
Monica Reyes/Melissa Scully, college, crystal, intuition, dream
Monica Reyes/Shannon McMahon, colonization, will, determination, transform
Walter Skinner/X, unofficial, undercover, trench coat, protection, warning

David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson, phone, busy, squeeze, speechless, awkward, tabloids, text, spill, tease, honest, kissing, reunion, marriage, secrets, love, courtship, addiction, inevitable, London, New York, Vancouver, hotel, bed, keys, rain, red, freckles, beach, affair, laughing, finally, recovery, paparazzi, hotel

Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Anise|Freya/Fox Mulder, unexpected, seduction, nude, surprise
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Colonel Caldwell/Skinner, mirrors, differences, choices, life
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Loki/Fox Mulder, playful, abduction, probe, surprise
Stargate SG-1/The X-Files, Thor/Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, alien, spaceship, picnic, kisses
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