Before I even had a chance to put up a notice here, the calender was filled up; however, do not despair, you can still post. There is a pinch hit list. And, Mulder's birthday, October 13th, is designated a free-for-all. Everyone can post on that day, no need for a LJ account! Use your open ID, your Twitter, your Facebook.

This year, to celebrate The X-Files 20th anniversary, in addition to our usual daily members' posts, we are doing a mini-rewatch marathon: two episodes a season, one MOW and one myth-arc, plus the pilot, in 33 days.

To make it easier on us this time around, [personal profile] ruuger and I decided to choose the episodes ourselves; [personal profile] wendelah1 is tackling seasons 1-5, [personal profile] ruuger 6-9. Next year, who knows. The two-part episodes are counted as one for the purposes of this rewatch.

Unsurprisingly, narrowing it down to two episodes a season was hard. Really hard. Here's the list, so you can see for yourselves.

You will notice there's a tbd on October 13. Since we know we left some favorites out, we thought we'd let the community pick the last episode. Scroll down. There's instructions at the end of the post.

I hope to see you all there.
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