Back in the day, there was an X-Files community, meaning a mailing list, called Scullyfic. In 2001, the list administrator Jill Selby issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. You can read the stories that resulted at Scully in 155. The fics are not all exactly 155 words: some are a little longer, some shorter.

In February 2014, to celebrate Dana Scully's birthday, [personal profile] tree and I created [ profile] scully_fest and issued this same challenge to that community. It resulted in five Scully in 155 stories, a podfic anthology by [personal profile] idella and a Scully in 155 collection at AO3, which is open to any Scully in 155 fic, regardless of when it was written. If you need an invitation to AO3, I have ten in my account.

 photo a84f1a46-50d5-4284-994e-15cd559f65a5_zpsfjm2v8ac.jpg

In honor of the upcoming miniseries (January 24--that's in just 14 days!), I'd like to reissue the challenge. There are 201 episodes and only six fics in the collection to date. I wrote a 155 fic for "Leonard Betts" back in October and posted it to the collection. Of course, the stories don't have to be for a particular episode. It's just a suggestion, a prompt, if you like.
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