A friend just sent my son the baby blanket she made for him. He's two, so, you know, it took a while. But part of the reason it just now arrived is that she entered it into a contest at the county fair, which was an exciting thing, because it won a blue ribbon. So she sent it along, blue ribbon still attached.

Which announces proudly that it won first prize in the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair, in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

I had a geek moment.


Have you ever had a moment where a reference, however vague, to the X-Files cropped up in your real life, and you had a little moment of LOL? What was it? Has a real-life place (maybe even one you encounter regularly?) been forever changed by figuring in an episode?
This is a continuation of the previous discussion post...

So let's say your campaign has worked; now your friend is superexcited, can recite the entire lite cream cheese speech, has favorite episodes, has put the 2AM reruns on Syfy (or local equivalent) on hir TiVo (or local equivalent). And now you want to try for the big leagues...you want to bring hir into fandom. Like, full-on membership: belonging to CAPSLOCK communities, obsessively collecting icons for every mood, joining multifandom RPGs, ship-manifesto-writing, fic-writing, vid-making, squeeful-excess fandom.

Where do you start? With particularly artistically perfect fanworks? A soft intro with an LJ and a membership in some nonthreatening comms (like [livejournal.com profile] xfiles or a rewatch comm)? A whole bunch of crackfic or crackvids to burn the mind into submission?

Highbrow or lowbrow? Softball or hardball? How do you make a fangirl (or boy, or none-of-the-above)?

This is the first part of a two-part question, but I'll do them on separate days.

You want to convince a friend to get excited about The X-Files. (Assume the person is someone who wouldn't be automatically averse to the idea, but hasn't previously encountered the show, presumably via living under a rock for the 1990s.) What episodes would you use as the introduction? And, just as importantly, how would you frame them--that is, what would you tell them about why these episodes are awesome, and represent only selections from a more awesome whole?


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