This is the first part of a two-part question, but I'll do them on separate days.

You want to convince a friend to get excited about The X-Files. (Assume the person is someone who wouldn't be automatically averse to the idea, but hasn't previously encountered the show, presumably via living under a rock for the 1990s.) What episodes would you use as the introduction? And, just as importantly, how would you frame them--that is, what would you tell them about why these episodes are awesome, and represent only selections from a more awesome whole?
Well, now we have some members, so we should probably have some content (especially once Open Beta happens and there is an influx of folks...)

Today's Topic:  What are your three favorite episodes?  And (the important part): why?  What tips an episode from "Oh, that was a good case" or "[Favorite character] sure looked pretty in that one" to Most Favored Episode Status?

I'm answering, but in comments.


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