This is a continuation of the previous discussion post...

So let's say your campaign has worked; now your friend is superexcited, can recite the entire lite cream cheese speech, has favorite episodes, has put the 2AM reruns on Syfy (or local equivalent) on hir TiVo (or local equivalent). And now you want to try for the big want to bring hir into fandom. Like, full-on membership: belonging to CAPSLOCK communities, obsessively collecting icons for every mood, joining multifandom RPGs, ship-manifesto-writing, fic-writing, vid-making, squeeful-excess fandom.

Where do you start? With particularly artistically perfect fanworks? A soft intro with an LJ and a membership in some nonthreatening comms (like [ profile] xfiles or a rewatch comm)? A whole bunch of crackfic or crackvids to burn the mind into submission?

Highbrow or lowbrow? Softball or hardball? How do you make a fangirl (or boy, or none-of-the-above)?



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