This is a character manifesto I posted to [ profile] het_reccers last Saturday. I meant to get this done by Scully's birthday at the latest. I failed. I kept getting stuck on "She's so awesome. Isn't that obvious?" I thought there could be some folk here who'd enjoy reading it. Under the cut, there are ten fic recs that went with the original post, all Scully/Mulder, but I think the tribute can stand alone.

Character Manifesto for Dana Scully )

Speaking of fanfiction, how about some recs?
Ten Fanfiction Recs: Scully/Mulder )
Today is the imaginary birthday of one of my favorite characters, Fox Mulder of The X-Files. Every year to celebrate, I reread [ profile] syntax6's marvelous "Birthday Stories". Because this isn't her usual casefile and/or MSR, you might have passed these by. Well, don't. Taking us through the first seven seasons, Syn gives us fourteen short birthday stories, each one slotted effortlessly into canon. Here is an excerpt:

Season Five: Spinning in Infinity: His )

This one's not a happy-go-lucky story, since it is set during the cancer arc, but it is a moving one, one that has extra resonance for me this year. Read them, read them all. You'll love them, I promise.

Appropriately, October 13 is the opening day for [ profile] xf_bigbang. Today's offering is "Variations on a Theme" by [ profile] colebaltblue, fanart by [ profile] tlynnfic. Go read, and please send some feedback to the writer and the artist. Fanworks are a big part of what keeps a fandom alive and well.

This week at [ profile] xf_book_club, we are reading "Dance" by dith. This is a great story, an over-looked gem from the early years, a sweet yet hip blast of nostalgia for early season two Mulder and Scully, and of course, the nineties! Excerpt and link at the community.

DD Banner

Good enough to eat banner of David Duchovny by [ profile] spooky_window.

Cross-posted everywhere I could think to do it.
As promised, [ profile] tesla321 has begun posting the story I commissioned from her with my donation to Catholic Relief Services for Haiti Earthquake Relief. I asked for genfic, and told her the first season of The X-Files was my favorite.

Bingo! "Dirty Girls" is a Profiler!Mulder casefile set during the first season. Agent Mulder and Agent Scully been sent by A.D. Skinner to a small town in Kentucky where one teen-aged girl has been murdered, and her girlfriend has gone missing. Mulder is gazing at Scully and wondering what happened to her plaid jackets. Scully is slicing and dicing. Mulder is having flashes of insight into the mind of The Killer! Tesla's trilogy "This House Is Burning" was recently discussed at [ profile] xf_book_club, and is to my mind the best story in its genre. I'm really excited that she's writing a new casefile. For me. Hee.

"Dirty Girls" 1/10

My other TXF rec is not new; in fact, it was written for last year's [community profile] kink_bingo. "Out of the Forest" is not quite G-rated kink but it comes very close; at least to me, it feels more like a fairytale than kinky porn. It's set in the I Want to Believe alternative universe. We get Mulder and Scully and a costume party on the children's ward at the hospital, and eventually, some undressing. Like all of [personal profile] tree's fic, it's magical, with stunning imagery and lyrical writing.

"Out of the Forest"

This was cross-posted to my journal; my apologies to those who had to read it twice.


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