Welcome to the X-Files creative challenge for 3W4DW! This is a place to write, draw, or otherwise produce SOMETHING AWESOME in celebration of the X-Files, and all of the awesome characters and scenarios we love so much.

What sort of works are eligible?

Any X-Files or crossover X-Files fanwork can be posted here.

How Should Prompts Be Formatted?

There should be only one prompt per comment.

An X-Files only prompt should include characters/pairings and prompt. Use a slash for a romantic/sexual pairing, and & or the word "and" for a friendship pairing, like this:

Monica Reyes, Ouija boards

Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek, leather

Dana Scully and John Doggett, watching NASCAR

A crossover prompt should contain character names and fandom along with prompt, like this:

X-Files/Fringe, Dana Scully and Walter Bishop, Mad Scientists Union

X-Files/Doctor Who, Fox Mulder/Tenth Doctor, tall drink of water

Those are some crap prompts, Amal.

Bite me. So leave some of your own.

Do prompts need to be claimed? Can prompts only be used once? Can I write for my own prompt?

No, no, and yes, in order.

How do I fill a post?

Post your fill as a reply to the original prompt. If it won't fit in a comment, link to your journal.

How should fills be formatted?

Please put the title, prompt, and rating in the subject line. If you want to warn or provide content notes, please do so in the first line of the post. Images that are NSFW should be posted in full elsewhere and should have a SFW thumbnail on the challenge page.

Is there a deadline?

The challenge will open on April 26th, and run through May 15th for the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw festival. You may start filling prompts as soon as they are posted, and may continue posting prompts until May 13th. Because this is a 3W4DW challenge, please keep all posted fanworks on DW-only for 21 days after posting, although it is perfectly fine to post links elsewhere.

I heard a rumor there would be prizes.

Participants in the challenge can earn points for Philedom Olympics 2011, for leaving prompts, making fanworks, and leaving comments.

I have another question!

Ask me in the question thread!


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