Hey hey, all you kids out there in [community profile] philedom...

In honor of the upcoming first anniversary of DreamWidth, [personal profile] erda is organizing a festival, wherein people will post fic, meta, discussion posts, etc for three weeks only to DreamWidth (i.e., not x-posting to LJ or other fannish spots). Since [community profile] philedom has been pretty dead for a while, I was thinking this would be a neat way to get some energy going. Would people be interested in doing a 21-day festival here in the community? I'm thinking a combination of discussion posts, drabble prompt days, rec posts, picspams, etc, etc, etc...

The relevant questions are:

1) Hello, hello, hello, baby? Anyone out there?
2) If you're out there, do you think this would be a cool idea?
3) If you think this would be a cool idea, do you want to help organize it? (That would mean exciting things like being in charge of a few days' posts, helping me plan a schedule, etc.)
So, I decided there should be an X-Files community on Dreamwidth.  Here it is.  TA DAH.

Things we could use:
  • Posts.  Anybody want to talk about some X-Files?
  • A Layout With Graphics.  I am total and complete fail about that, but if anyone else wants to take a crack at it, that would be great.
  • Members.  Let folks know we're here! 
  • A Democratic Process For Determining Community Rules And Principles.  This should come at some point once we have members, and after open beta, I think.


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