OK, everybody. I want to start by thanking everybody who played. We had a total of nineteen people earn points, which is pretty impressive. People produced fanworks of all kinds, left comments, played games, and were generally amazing. I'm so proud of this community, which, despite being low-traffic most of the year and in a low-profile, closed-canon fandom, still managed to throw such a rockin' party.

At the same time, I owe about a million bazillion thanks to [personal profile] wendelah1, who took over daily posts when my life took a turn for the craptastic midway through. We never would have gotten through this without her, so, again, all of my thanks, Wen.

Official results have not yet fully been calculated, but I wanted to announce what the prizes are going to be. (Thanks to [personal profile] heartequals for some brilliant ideas here!)

  • Every participant will receive an icon and banner to celebrate their achievement! Once this gets done, I'll PM everybody with a link to their shiny new icon and banner.
  • The top eleven placers will win the right to pick the topic and form of a monthly mini-fest that we'll run between now and the next 3W4DW! That's right; rather than waiting a whole year, we'll have one discussion post or macro-making party or mini-flashwork-festival or something every month, and the winners will get to pick what we do! If you are one of the top eleven winners, I'll ask you for an email address when I send you your banner, so we can be in touch over the next year.

Thanks to everyone for playing! I will finish the points totals as soon as I can, and get those prizes out! (If anybody wants to help with the graphics...)
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OK. Both I suck, and Time Warner Cable sucks for leaving me without internet for most of the day. Anyway.

For May 8, the challenge is to make an icon or banner for an XF fic. The fic doesn't need to be posted on Dreamwidth, but your icon or banner should. It doesn't have to be a fic of your own, or have to have been posted on Dreamwidth.

For May 9th, the challenge is to play in a game of XF Fight Club. (I have cribbed this game, in altered format, from the LJ community [ profile] rememberlaura; all props go to [ profile] icedteainthebag for inventing it, or at least putting it into my field of vision. Check it out as they play it here.)

Here's how to play:

1. Post a comment initiating a fight. Basically, you should propose two (or more) characters, episodes, scenarios, props, or other nouns-of-some-sort from the series that you want to have duke it out for victory, and also specify the category. Such as:

Freakiest Mutant: Flukeman vs. The Manbat
Liquid You Would Least Like To Encounter: Black Oil Vs. Scary Green Alien Blood Vs. Monkey Pee
Most Inappropriate-Yet-Hot Kiss: The Red And The Black Vs. The Truth

2. Comment on threads supporting your preferred position. As [ profile] icedteainthebag says, "Propaganda, vote rigging, bitching, infighting, slurs, anger, mudslinging, macros, and polite discussion are welcome." (Let's try to have two basic principles: 1) Do not actually insult your fellow players, and 2) Assume that things being said are being said in good humor. Let's try not to create a wankstorm.)

3. In tomorrow's post, I will announce THE WINNERS based on number of comments on each side.

4. Points: you get 3 points for initiating a fight, 2 points per comment contributing to it, and, as always, you max out at 10 points.

The game will end...well, when I post the tallies tomorrow, so around 24 hours from now. Assuming the cable gods are with me. *shakes fist*
You guys, I suck. I'm so sorry. I crashed before having the energy to post last night, and then my internet went down right around the time I was going to post this morning. WORST. MOD. EVAR.

OK, here are the scores, updated through yesterday's scavenger hunt results (note: you can still post; I'm planning on it! and pictures found on flickr are acceptable, you don't have to take them yourself.)

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Today's challenge is to make a fanmix or vid. The fanmix should either have a cover, or "liner notes" (am I a million that I still use that term? I mean annotations of some kind), and the vid should be at least one minute long. Post it to your journal, and then make a post to this comm linking to it!

Still plenty of points to be earned, commenting on fanworks, producing them, and finding absurd pictures on the internet! I know it's getting towards the end of the par-tay, so people are starting to flag...but I bet we can keep it going strong!
...Do you all trust me to do the ranking tomorrow? OK then. I was sterilizing my fridge tonight. (I WISH I WERE JOKING. *TAKES ANOTHER FORTY SHOWERS*)

Today's challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to play photo scavenger hunt! Now, I realize this is probably not all going to happen in the next 24 hours, but the point is to find as many of these images as possible and post them here before the end of the Olympics. Cameraphone pictures or whatever you've got are fine. You get 2 points per image, and max out at 10 points for the game.

Here's the list:
  1. Name of any major or repeating character (can be repeated up to 3 times)
  2. Name of any one-off character (can be repeated up to 3 times)
  3. Cross necklace
  4. Fish tank
  5. Pomeranian
  6. Bee
  7. UFO
  8. Green liquid of any sort
  9. Trenchcoat
  10. Any representation of a "little grey man"-style alien
  11. Anything reading FBI
  12. A whale, or the words "whalesong"
  13. A gun
  14. A pair of round wireframe glasses
  15. Any 'black-oil' like substance

So, for instance, if I posted this:

I would get credit for #1.

(I really wish I could find the picture I took of the office of Dr. Scanlon, Podiatrist. WHAT IS THE CONSORTIUM GOING TO DO TO OUR FEET, I ASK YOU.)
Here are today's results!

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Today's challenge? Post a recs list for XF fanworks. No minimum length, no required themes, and you can certainly rec things that aren't hosted on Dreamwidth (though giving more love to DW-based fans would be awesome!). Make a post on your journal, and then a separate one to [community profile] philedom with a link to it.

Meanwhile? If you haven't gotten points for leaving comments on a fanwork, check out the art posted yesterday, and comment on them! SO AWESOME!

We're just past the halfway point...let's keep this ball rollin'!
I made a visual fanwork! In response to [personal profile] dustyasymptotes's prompt: X-Files supporting cast (dry cleaners, lab tech, janitors, security desk), a day in the life.

Here on my journal!
grey853: BBC Sherlock and Watson in sepia (XF_MSKworried_grey853)
([personal profile] grey853 May. 4th, 2011 09:13 am)
Feel free to take for your personal use, but no hot linking and please credit.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More Mulder and Skinner goodness )
Hello, Fellow Philes! I haven't yet calculated the updated scores, for two simple reasons: 1) the game of 20 questions isn't done yet and 2) I'm going the hell to bed. I'll post to the comm tomorrow when I wake up and have time to sit down and do simple addition.

Today's challenge: post a visual fanwork. This could be a picspam, a batch of (at least 5) icons, a piece of fanart, a banner, or anything you like. Any medium, any style, as long as it's visual. Post it in your journal, and then make a post to this comm with a link!

Haven't earned points yet for previous challenges? You still can! Just post a comment on the relevant post to let me know you did.

Our Fanwork Challenge still has tons of unfilled prompts! Don't forget to leave fills and comments there!
Here are today's results!

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Check my math, please, people!

Today, we're playing 20 Questions. The goal of the game is to guess a noun that the answerer has in mind, in 20 questions or fewer. Here's how it will go:

1. I'll have a noun from the X-Files in mind, and will say "go."
2. Y'all will ask me yes or no questions, or questions with a short list of possible answers--the classic is "animal, vegetable, or mineral," or "person, place, or thing?"
3. I'll answer.
4. You keep asking. (No asking a second question until you get a reply from me.)
5. Someone gets it before question #20!
6. Repeat.

I'm heading to bed shortly (1AM New York/5AM UTC) but will start answering when I get up in the morning, and then will be on my email at least once an hour afterward.

Points: 2 per question, 5 for the win, 10 points max per player.

Ready, set, GO. Round #1 is on.

SOLVED: 3:04 PM NYC/6:04 PM UTC:

1. It's a mineral.
2. It can be frequently found in the X-Files office.
3. It does not technically have any paranormal properties associated with it.
4. It is something we see regularly.
5. It is something somebody wears.
6. It's Scully's cross!

And #2 is a go!

SOLVED as of 9:51 PM NYC/1:51 AM UTC:

1. It is mineral, but with attendant animal components. [NOTE CHANGE; SEE #11.]
2. It is not paranormal in nature.
3. We do not see it in every episode.
4. It can frequently be found in Mulder's apartment.
5. It is not Queequeq's collar.
6. It is not Mulder's fishtank.
7. It is not fish food.
8. It is worn, but it is not technically an item of clothing.
9. It is not made of plastic.
10. It is made of metal.
11. While the object itself is entirely made of metal, it has a necessary companion object that is made of leather.
12. It is a weapon.
13. It is not Scully's gun.
14. SOLVED! It is Mulder's ankle holster gun!

Time for #3! BRING IT ON, Y'ALL.

(Also, credit to my wife for picking this one.)


1. It is a thing.
2. It is a mineral.
3. It is smaller than a loaf of bread.
4. It is not, in and of itself, paranormal in nature.
5. It does not have a curse on it.
6. It does not having moving parts.
7. It does not appear in more than one episode.
8. It did not kill anyone, but not for lack of trying.
9. It was not destroyed or lost, but it was removed.
10. It is not a milagro.
-not numbered- Read this thread.
11. It is not made of metal.
12. It is not chloral hydrate.
13. It is made of plastic.
14. It is Ronnie Strickland's fake vampire teeth!

Round #4 is on!

Edited as of 11:44 PM NYC/3:44 AM UTC.

1. It is an animal.
2. Said animal is paranormal in nature.
3. It is not an extraterrestrial biological entity.

AS OF 12:11 AM NYC/4:11 AM UTC, THE TOP LEVEL POST WILL NOT BE UPDATED. [personal profile] aurimae will be taking over for the rest of the evening, big props to her! She will answer questions in in this thread, announce when #4 is solved, and and will start #5 as a single thread (which you should reply to). Sorry for the added pain, but timezones suck.
Here are today's results!

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Check my math, please, people!

Today's challenge is to leave a comment to a XF fanwork posted at any point in the past year to Dreamwidth. Where could you find such a thing? Well, you could check this post or check the fic tag in this community, or watch for new works being posted over the course of 3W4DW! Comments are the currency of fandom; cheer on your fellow Philes, all over DW!

To get credit, post a link to your comment to this post!

FYI, I'm still looking for a third person to help out with judging for May 14...
Fox Mulder is not a man who makes mixtapes.

Prior to iTunes and the digital dominance of our musical lives, making a mixtape was hard damn work. I know this, because my dad has been making mixtapes my whole life, and they used to take, like, math and having lots of different pieces of technology and you had to sit there the whole time. I just can't see Mulder putting that much time and effort into it.

Plus, there's an weird sentimentality involved in making a mixtape. You're looking for a creative narrative thread, and frequently it revolves around the person you're making it for. Especially if you don't make them a lot, you have to find a way to create something consistent, something that captures the spirit in which you're making it. I don't see Mulder as wanting to draw on those sorts of creative skills, not for something as trivial-feeling as a mixtape.

So he just wouldn't. OK?

But let's say he did.

(The rest at my journal...)
Here are today's results!

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Just an above-the-cut warning: if you posted a fill on the festival, please make sure I have your points in the spreadsheet. It would be really easy for them to get lost in my email inbox, and I'd hate to see them lost.

Today's challenge is to post a fic of at least 300 words to your journal, and then crosspost it here. (If anybody doesn't know how to post to a community, or is watching but not a member, ask for info!) Don't have time to do it today? No worries; you can earn points for posting a fic at any point before the Olympics is over.

Since, looking at the schedule, it appears "post a fic for a non-philedom festival" dropped off somewhere, it will also count for this challenge if you post a comment-fic of at least 300 words for a festival, and then make a post to this community linking to it.

Finally, I am looking for a few volunteers to help out with later tasks. Specifically, I need at least one person who is on the North American West Coast and can stay up late-ish on May 3, to run the last round of 20 Questions, so I don't have to stay up too late over here. I also need 2-3 people who are willing to serve as "judges" for the crossovers posted on May 14; good humor, an appetite for crackfic, and free time that day are necessary. Finally, if there is someone with some graphics skills who would be willing to help me out with 2-3 small projects, that would be beyond awesome.

Onward and upward, my fellow Philes!
Here are today's results!

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For today's challenge, we're back to goofy stuff: macro time! Make an X-Files related macro out of a picture not from the X-Files: an animal picture, something off memegenerator, whatever. You can earn 5 points each, for a maximum of 10 points.

Need some ideas? Here is the macro-making post from last year's 3W4DW. Need some tools? ROFLBot will caption anything easily; I Can Has Cheezburger and its sibling sites have lots of captionable animal pictures and software to do it.
Here are today's results!

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Today's challenge: leave a comment on a fill for our community challenge! (I know some of you have done this already--easy points!) So far, I think all the fills have been linked from yesterday's post, but there may be more coming. Give people some love for their hard work!

Haven't had a chance to leave prompts, either here or elsewhere, or post a fill? No problem! You can earn points for them whenever you complete them!
Here are today's results!

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Haven't had a chance to earn points on Day 3 or Day 2 yet? You can still do it! You can earn points for any challenge until May 15 (though obviously the prompts are better done sooner rather than later).

Today's challenge: leave a fill on our fanwork challenge! There are over 50 prompts at this point, all of them super-awesome. Fills of any size are permitted for points.

To earn points, leave a comment on this post with a link to your fill, so I'll be sure to see it.

*preps self to get writing...*
Tons of awesome prompts over at the challenge! I can't wait to start writing some of them. *g*

Scores so far:

expand to see )

One announcement: for people who were playing yesterday who have posted prompts to the challenge, without posting a comment here telling me about it, I added in your points; however, I won't be able to do that for other challenges, so please remember to come back to the daily challenge post and leave a comment saying you fulfilled it. Otherwise your mod will eventually lose it. Thanks!

Today's challenge is to post X-Files prompts to a fanwork challenge *other* than the one here at [community profile] philedom. After all, there are tons of people out there who have watched the show and care about the characters; let's spread the love elsewhere on DW!

Here is a partial list of pan-fandom challenges elsewhere on DW:

Queerly Gen Work and Play Flash-Fanwork Challenge
Transfic Mini Festival
Disabled People Being Awesome festival (Krycek qualifies; possibly CSM and Jeffery Spender towards the end of the series? Plus a bunch of one-shot characters; "supernaturally" disabled characters are permitted)
Eid Ka Chand Muslim Characters fanworks challenge (OCs are allowed/encouraged)
Friendship Fic Festival hosted by [community profile] philedom's own [personal profile] littlegreen42!
Chromatic Characters festival (somebody go leave me some Drummy prompts already, Wendy I'm looking at you)
Asexy Comment Fanworks Meme!
Femslash Mini Meta Fest
"As You Wish" Comment Fic Meme
First Kiss Comment Fic Meme

There are also other fandom-specific challenges out there, which I haven't bothered to track; if you post an XF crossover in one of them, it will count for today's challenge. If you find other fic memes or challenges, please let me know in comments!

You earn 5 points per prompt, up to a total of 10 points. However, you are obviously encouraged to post more than 2 different prompts!

To receive credit for your prompts, please post links to them in a comment here. If possible, please format them using proper HTML, so that people who might want to fill them can click through directly to go post. So, type this:

[a href=link goes here]prompt words go here[/a]

And then replace the brackets with < > marks instead.

Questions? Math mistakes on my part? Leave a comment here, or email or PM me!
Congratulations to everyone who played on yesterday's epicly epic game of Hangman. We got over a hundred and sixty comments on the post. Seriously, awesome, y'all.

Here are how the points stand as of today:

full listing under the cut )

If you notice a mistake in the number of points you have, or are confused, please email or PM me, or leave a comment to this thread, and we'll get it fixed! (Please do double check; if today's game taught us anything, it's that I am easily confused by basic tasks.)

TODAY'S CHALLENGE, should you choose to accept it, is to leave prompts on the X-Files Flash-Fanwork Challenge here at [community profile] philedom. You will receive 5 points per prompt, with a maximum of 10 points per person. OBVIOUSLY, however, you are encouraged to leave more than two prompts!

Formatting and challenge info is over at that page. To get credit for the Olympics, leave a comment on this page with the links of your first two prompts.
Welcome to the X-Files creative challenge for 3W4DW! This is a place to write, draw, or otherwise produce SOMETHING AWESOME in celebration of the X-Files, and all of the awesome characters and scenarios we love so much.

What sort of works are eligible?

Any X-Files or crossover X-Files fanwork can be posted here.

How Should Prompts Be Formatted?

There should be only one prompt per comment.

An X-Files only prompt should include characters/pairings and prompt. Use a slash for a romantic/sexual pairing, and & or the word "and" for a friendship pairing, like this:

Monica Reyes, Ouija boards

Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek, leather

Dana Scully and John Doggett, watching NASCAR

A crossover prompt should contain character names and fandom along with prompt, like this:

X-Files/Fringe, Dana Scully and Walter Bishop, Mad Scientists Union

X-Files/Doctor Who, Fox Mulder/Tenth Doctor, tall drink of water

Those are some crap prompts, Amal.

Bite me. So leave some of your own.

Do prompts need to be claimed? Can prompts only be used once? Can I write for my own prompt?

No, no, and yes, in order.

How do I fill a post?

Post your fill as a reply to the original prompt. If it won't fit in a comment, link to your journal.

How should fills be formatted?

Please put the title, prompt, and rating in the subject line. If you want to warn or provide content notes, please do so in the first line of the post. Images that are NSFW should be posted in full elsewhere and should have a SFW thumbnail on the challenge page.

Is there a deadline?

The challenge will open on April 26th, and run through May 15th for the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw festival. You may start filling prompts as soon as they are posted, and may continue posting prompts until May 13th. Because this is a 3W4DW challenge, please keep all posted fanworks on DW-only for 21 days after posting, although it is perfectly fine to post links elsewhere.

I heard a rumor there would be prizes.

Participants in the challenge can earn points for Philedom Olympics 2011, for leaving prompts, making fanworks, and leaving comments.

I have another question!

Ask me in the question thread!

And here is the first challenge post for Philedom Olympics 2011!

Today, we will be playing X-Files Quote Hangman. If you aren't familiar with the basic rules of the game, check the wikipedia entry. You can also see the X-Files version as played on the TWoP forums.

The basic rules are these:

1) I will put down a list of blanks that represent a quote from an X-Files episode.
2) You all will guess letters. Each guess is worth 2 points; however, you cannot guess a second time until you've gotten a response from me that I've got your letter (to prevent people stealing all the points, *g*).
3) When I check in (which will be 6-8 hours from this posting, and then again at least once an hour), I will fill in all the correctly guessed letters, and put the others in the penalty box (since I cannot come up with a good way to draw the hanging-guy graphic). If we get 10 letters in the penalty box, then the game is over, and we all lose, sadface.
4) If you think you know what the quote is, guess it! If you are right, you get 5 points for winning (in addition to points for whatever guesses you've done).
5) Once the puzzle has been solved, I will put up a second! And a third, depending on how long it takes! We'll close it out in about 24 hours or so.

I sincerely hope this makes sense, as I'm about to go to bed!

And, without further ado, today's first puzzle:

Solved, as of 8:39 AM New York/ 12:39 UTC, by [personal profile] flourish! The answer:

SCULLY: Meanwhile, I've quit the FBI and become a spokesperson for the ab-roller.
Here's #2. It's a piece of dialogue:

SOLVED!  As of 1:33 PM New York/ 5:33 PM UTC, by [personal profile] wendelah1 and [personal profile] littlegreen42 (I'm giving them both the win because of rule-confusion).  

MULDER: Swamp Gas?

SCULLY: It's a natural phenomenon in which phosphine and methane rising from decaying organic matter ignite, creating globes of blue flame.

MULDER: Happens to me when I eat Dodger Dogs.

Two vague rule clarifications: 

1) You can (and should!) guess letters already guessed in previous rounds in subsequent ones.  Otherwise, we could have problems.
2) While excessive use of google-fu to crack a puzzle is not precisely in the spirit of the game, running to a transcript site to make sure you've got the whole quote correct when you're pretty sure you know it is not a problem.

Without further ado, puzzle #3!

SOLVED as of 5:10 PM   New York / 9:10 PM UTC, by <user name=heartequals>!

CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: What I don't want to see is the Bills winning the Super Bowl. As long as I'm alive, that doesn't happen!

On to #4:

SOLVED!  By <joy_and_thunder> at 7:52 PM New York/11:52 PM UTC.

SCULLY: Like evidence of conjury or the black arts or shamanism, divination, Wicca or any kind of pagan or neo-pagan practice, charms, cards, familiars, bloodstones, or hex signs or any of the ritual tableaux associated with the occult, Santeria, voudoun, Macumba, or any high or low magic?

MULDER: Scully?


MULDER: Marry me.


And let's go with #5!  A shorter one.

SOLVED!  By [personal profile] azurelunatic  at 1:13 AM New York/ 5:13 UTC.


SCULLY:   You ever thought seriously about dying?

MULDER:   Yeah, once, when I was at the Ice Capades.


Thanks to everyone for playing!  Today's challenge is closed, but stay tuned for tomorrow's...

As a part of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, we here at [community profile] philedom will be running a competition, in order to build community, create fanworks and support XF fan creators on Dreamwidth, and generally have a ball celebrating that the First Fandom Of The Internet is still alive and kicking. For the next 21 days, we will run daily challenges, which will accrue points for those playing. Challenges will cover a wide range of fannish activities, from making fanworks, leaving prompts, leaving comments, playing goofy games, and generally having a ball.

Q. How do I earn points?
A. Just complete the day's challenge! (There is no need to complete it on the day listed; for instance, if you post a fic of more than 300 words on April 25, you can earn credit for it on May 1.) For some of the challenges, you will need to post links proving that you, for instance, posted a comment or prompt. For others, your reply to the daily challenge post will count as your points-earning (such as hangman or macro-making).

Q. Who will be judging and running this?
A. I, [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh will take point on this, so to speak. My name is Amal, but you may call me God Wrong fandom there for a minute, sorry. However, if anyone wants to help out, that would be AWESOME; I do, occasionally, have a life that does not revolve around waving my hands around about the X-Files on the internet. (Very, very occasionally.) I will post a running tally of where people are in the race every day, as part of the daily challenge post; if you see errors in my accounting, please mention them as soon as possible.

Q. If this is a competition, then there should be prizes.
A. You are right, despite not having asked your question in the form of a question! We are still determining what the prizes will be, but they may include such excellent things as Dreamwidth points, banners, or...other things. (Ahem. Community members are welcome to help me think up ideas here.)

Q. What is the schedule?
A. The full schedule of challenges is below the cut. If I have magically missed any days or done something like that, please let me know. (Many thanks to [profile] heart_equals, [personal profile] rustingwillpowr, and [personal profile] rhi for their help in designing this!) I am in the eastern US; therefore, "daily" posts will be made sometime on the day in question in my timezone. (In deference to the many possible players located to my east, I will try to make them right around midnight my time, since I'm usually up.)

click to see the whole schedule )

Q. I have another question!
A. Ask it in comments!

In Conclusion:

bring it on


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