HAY. I am tardy to the party but hopefully this makes up for it. Without further ado:

Some people are Mulderists. Some people are Scullyists. That is all fine and good. I, however, am carrying the flag for someone EVEN BETTER:

WARNING: contains excessive hyperbole, poorly edited pictures, and insinuations of promiscuity within the FBI )

In conclusion, let's hear it for

All screencaps are from I Still Believe, all photos from Big Light Productions. gif is from the internet.
Fox Mulder is my favourite character on The X-Files, and quite possibly my favourite character ever. What is it about him that I find so fascinating? It's kind of hard to put into words. So, in that case, I guess I'll do a picspam!

The theme of the picspam, as much as there is one, is the wonderful quirkiness of Mulder:

I even made my parents call me Mulder )

Finally, I'll leave you with some quotes from other characters, talking about Mulder:

He had a nickname at the academy... )
I still have screencaps of Reyes left in my Photobucket account from [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon and thought I'd repost them here for the Squee!Fest.

I am completely exhausted from a 5 hour phone conference right now, so there will be no commentary and the pictures aren't really in order. But they are pretty! And if I find some time this evening, I might even make a few icons.

The pretty - roughly 50 images )
As much as I know that there are better seasons of The X-Files (*cough cough season four*), season six is one of my favorites. It's not about quality, always; it's about awesome. Below the cut are five reasons with I love season six.

(screencaps from fredfarm.)

cut for too many photos )

People look at me weirdly when they ask me for my favourite ship in The X-Files. I am a NoRomo when it comes to Mulder/Scully. I like Scully/Skinner.

I absolutely adore Krycek/Marita. Besides it being one of the few canon couples we see, it is a very interesting pairing. Both of them are morally ambivalent, both of them don't always play for one side and indeed seem to only play for themselves as the series progresses. And still we see some caring moments from them. Apart from the really hot kiss we get to see in Patient X, we also see them together in Requiem, and they still sppear to have some bond.

Their relationship makes me squee quite uncontrollably :)

Picspam )
If you have a topic you would like to squee about at short length (rather than in a full post), post it in the comments here.

What about the X-Files makes you leap for joy? What makes you happy about being in this fandom? What makes you love this show? What keeps you coming back?

(And I am out of ideas for funny XF macros, so if you've got one, I could use it.)
It's May 5th here in New York, so that means it's SQUEEFEST DAY at Philedom!

Here are the "rules," such as they are:

1) If you claimed a squee topic back in our original post, make a post to the community at some point today (for whatever value of 'today' applies to your time zone). Tag it 'squee!fest' and 'three weeks for dreamwidth,' as well as whatever your particular squee topic is.
2) Comment on other people's posts! Let's get the party going!
3) I'm also going to make a general post. Have something you want to squee about that's not of full-post length? Want to share one epic image or line or something? Post it in a comment there. None of the burden of a full post, but with all of the joy and cheerfulness!

Did you know that if you type the word squee enough, it stops looking like a word? This is trufax.

From philedom 3w4d

But it's [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw time! And today is the one year anniversary of this comm!

Over the next three weeks, I'll make an effort to make a post every day (or so--as you can tell, I am not the most organized person in the world, and I do have end-of-semester-grading stacking up on my desk). I'm planning a mix of discussion questions and other sorts of things (maybe a round of X-Files Fight Club?). If you have ideas for discussion questions or other posting ideas, comment to this entry and suggest 'em!

In addition, we've got some people already signed up for our Squee!Fest. If you haven't signed up to squee over something, head over there now and go check it out! For a central posting date, I'd like to propose next Wednesday, May 5th. If this doesn't work for you, shout it out in comments, and we'll move it around.

And, as always, you're welcome to post meta, fic, picspams, vids, icons, or anything else to this comm, at any time.

Am I forgetting anything? Anyone else have any ideas!

In any case:

From philedom 3w4d

From philedom 3w4d



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