Whoo, members!  Hi, y'all! 

So probably in a week or so I'll do some sort of democratic community rule-determining process, because this is what you get when your community is founded by someone who thinks in political philosophy, sorry.  But, for now, I thought I'd just do an introduction meme, so people can introduce themselves if they want, and we'll have something new to chat about.

Age/Age Range/Coy Hints:
Are you primarily on DW, LJ, or elsewhere?
Other Fandoms:
Shipping Preferences (FedEx is not an acceptible answer):

Do you do any sort of fanworks (art, fic, meta)?
Favorite Season/Arc?
Mytharc or MoTW?
Hottest Season and Why?
You get to be locked in an elevator with one regular character for two hours?  Who do you pick and what do you do?
So, I decided there should be an X-Files community on Dreamwidth.  Here it is.  TA DAH.

Things we could use:
  • Posts.  Anybody want to talk about some X-Files?
  • A Layout With Graphics.  I am total and complete fail about that, but if anyone else wants to take a crack at it, that would be great.
  • Members.  Let folks know we're here! 
  • A Democratic Process For Determining Community Rules And Principles.  This should come at some point once we have members, and after open beta, I think.


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