OK, everybody. I want to start by thanking everybody who played. We had a total of nineteen people earn points, which is pretty impressive. People produced fanworks of all kinds, left comments, played games, and were generally amazing. I'm so proud of this community, which, despite being low-traffic most of the year and in a low-profile, closed-canon fandom, still managed to throw such a rockin' party.

At the same time, I owe about a million bazillion thanks to [personal profile] wendelah1, who took over daily posts when my life took a turn for the craptastic midway through. We never would have gotten through this without her, so, again, all of my thanks, Wen.

Official results have not yet fully been calculated, but I wanted to announce what the prizes are going to be. (Thanks to [personal profile] heartequals for some brilliant ideas here!)

  • Every participant will receive an icon and banner to celebrate their achievement! Once this gets done, I'll PM everybody with a link to their shiny new icon and banner.
  • The top eleven placers will win the right to pick the topic and form of a monthly mini-fest that we'll run between now and the next 3W4DW! That's right; rather than waiting a whole year, we'll have one discussion post or macro-making party or mini-flashwork-festival or something every month, and the winners will get to pick what we do! If you are one of the top eleven winners, I'll ask you for an email address when I send you your banner, so we can be in touch over the next year.

Thanks to everyone for playing! I will finish the points totals as soon as I can, and get those prizes out! (If anybody wants to help with the graphics...)
I'm currently diligently working on the schedule for [community profile] philedom Fannish Olympics, to begin on MONDAY, APRIL 25. I should get that, tomorrow if I'm lucky, Friday if I'm not? Sorry about that. But, anyway, in EXCITING PREPARATION, I wanted to start to compile a list of X-Files fanworks produced and published on DW at any point during the past year (so from April 2010 until right this minute). Points will be awarded for commenting on fanworks of any kind; picspams, fics, vids, meta, whatever anybody's got. If you posted anything X-Files related on DW this year, please post in this comment--like, for instance, with a link to your relevant tag on your journal, or link to specific works if you want.

\0/ Share the love, people!


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