Fox Mulder is not a man who makes mixtapes.

Prior to iTunes and the digital dominance of our musical lives, making a mixtape was hard damn work. I know this, because my dad has been making mixtapes my whole life, and they used to take, like, math and having lots of different pieces of technology and you had to sit there the whole time. I just can't see Mulder putting that much time and effort into it.

Plus, there's an weird sentimentality involved in making a mixtape. You're looking for a creative narrative thread, and frequently it revolves around the person you're making it for. Especially if you don't make them a lot, you have to find a way to create something consistent, something that captures the spirit in which you're making it. I don't see Mulder as wanting to draw on those sorts of creative skills, not for something as trivial-feeling as a mixtape.

So he just wouldn't. OK?

But let's say he did.

(The rest at my journal...)


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