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Since I bought the comic last spring, I've been meaning to write fic for a tiny fandom I nominated for Yuletide, Deviations: The X-Files (comic). I have have written nothing. What can I say? Writing is hard and the past 18 months have been abysmal on so many levels. Anyway, with the intention of remedying the not writing problem, I signed up for [community profile] ladiesbingo.

banner for ladiesbingo

Link: Ladies' Bingo Round 2017-2018 (Round 5) Sign-ups

Description: [community profile] ladiesbingo is a bingo challenge for creative works about the relationships between women. It runs for seven months (from September until March).

The motivation behind the community is to encourage people to make creative works focused on female characters and their relationships.

You could write about Scully and her mom, or Scully and her sister, or her sister-in-law, for that matter. I'm still waiting for someone to write me hatesex for Scully and Diana Fowley.

Sign-ups Open: September 1st 2017
Posting: September 1st 2017 - March 31st 2018
Amnesty: April 1st 2018 - August 31st 2018

Podfic, fic, art, graphics, vids, and crafts are all welcomed. You can exclude four categories and seven individual prompts. Once I found four "I will write this when hell freezes over" categories, I stopped reading down the list; ditto for the individual prompts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed until I get a peek at my card.

The cover art is by Cat Stagg. The original was for sale the last time I checked. If I had a spare couple of grand, I would have already bought it.
Title: Cut Your Teeth
Music: Cut Your Teeth by Kyla La Grange
Fandom: The X-Files
Characters/Pairing: Mulder, Krycek; Mulder/Krycek
Summary: you cut your teeth on the lack of answers
Warnings: some violence

streaming + download here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Is anyone still here?

In honor of The X-Files Revival, over at [livejournal.com profile] haremxf, [personal profile] maidenjedi and I are hosting another Women of The X-Files Comment Ficathon.

This ficathon is open to to any woman from [personal profile] maidenjedi's updated character list, plus any unlisted female character from the new mini-series. Leave as many prompts as you like! Fill as many prompts as you can! There are no deadlines or word counts to meet.

[livejournal.com profile] haremxf
The Women of The X-Files Comment Ficathon!

Publicize this anywhere X-Philes can be found!

On LiveJournal:

On Dreamwidth:

Back in the day, there was an X-Files community, meaning a mailing list, called Scullyfic. In 2001, the list administrator Jill Selby issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. You can read the stories that resulted at Scully in 155. The fics are not all exactly 155 words: some are a little longer, some shorter.

In February 2014, to celebrate Dana Scully's birthday, [personal profile] tree and I created [livejournal.com profile] scully_fest and issued this same challenge to that community. It resulted in five Scully in 155 stories, a podfic anthology by [personal profile] idella and a Scully in 155 collection at AO3, which is open to any Scully in 155 fic, regardless of when it was written. If you need an invitation to AO3, I have ten in my account.

 photo a84f1a46-50d5-4284-994e-15cd559f65a5_zpsfjm2v8ac.jpg

In honor of the upcoming miniseries (January 24--that's in just 14 days!), I'd like to reissue the challenge. There are 201 episodes and only six fics in the collection to date. I wrote a 155 fic for "Leonard Betts" back in October and posted it to the collection. Of course, the stories don't have to be for a particular episode. It's just a suggestion, a prompt, if you like.
I hope you don't mind me posting this here guys, but I'm undertaking some research on responses to the revival from fans, former fans, lapsed fans and never-were-fans. This will contribute to my PhD on negotiating fandom, which I began back in 2010 with a proposal on X-Files fanfic! The subject has changed somewhat since then but as a life-long Phile I really want to talk about TXF in my work. If you'd be able to fill this in I'd be really grateful.

I wrote this for [community profile] crossovering. It's a prequel to an earlier fic, Reason, which is also set in the Fringe canon alternate universe; however, both stories work as stand-alones.

Second Chances (7664 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files, Fringe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully, Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Charlie Francis
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon, Case Fic

The man who broke Donnie Pfaster out of prison is tearing holes in the fabric of the universe. It's The X-Files episode "Orison," in the canon AU of Fringe.

I should organize something for the Dreamwidth X-Philes but that's a separate issue and a post for another time.

Today I am here to let you know that signups are open for [livejournal.com profile] xf_is_love. The X-Files is Love is a month-long multimedia celebration of The X-Files where each participant claims a date and then posts some new X-Files related fanworks on their day. This can be fic, graphics, icons, vids, podfic, essays, a memoir of your days in the X-Files fandom, or pretty much anything as long as it's new and original. You can do as little or as much as you want - the day is yours!

 photo ddecdbc7-0967-49f8-b32d-b12250f8b862_zpse9756d98.jpg
[livejournal.com profile] xf_is_love

Here is the signup post.
Here is the banners post if you want to help get the word out.

There will be a mini-rewatch again. This year we're doing season two in honor of the 20th anniversary of--season two!
I decided to be spontaneous and host a mini-rewatch at [livejournal.com profile] xf_book_club, starting tomorrow. Yes, I'm serious. Tomorrow is the first day of summer, and we haven't had a mini-rewatch since the one at [livejournal.com profile] scully_fest and that was all the way back in February!

[livejournal.com profile] xf_book_club
Mini-rewatch June 21-27

I'm posting "Ice" tomorrow at 10 a.m. PDT. Please help get the word out.
Back in the day, there was an X-Files community, meaning a mailing list, called Scullyfic. In 2001, the list administrator Jill Selby issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. You can read the stories that resulted at Scully in 155. The fics are not all exactly 155 words: some are a little longer, some shorter.

In honor of her upcoming 50th birthday, we at Scully Fest thought it would be fun to issue the same challenge to the fandom. You can post the stories as a comment to this post, either in a comment or a link. You can post your story on your day if you signed up for one. You can even still sign up for a day since several have opened up. Or if you'd rather, you can wait for her birthday free-for-all day.

 photo 5b1b192c-32ac-4a08-ae65-d3aea5130cb3_zps17e09eb7.jpg

In conclusion,

I forgot to post the link to the 2013 masterlist for [livejournal.com profile] xf_santa.

There are 30 new fanworks there: fanfiction, podfic, art, graphics, icons and a new vid. Enjoy.

Don't forget to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] scully_fest.
This year, our favorite character, Dana Katherine Scully, is turning fifty. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

In her honor, [personal profile] tree and I made a LiveJournal community. And there is a tumblr now too, [tumblr.com profile] scullyfest, which you can follow for updates.

[livejournal.com profile] scully_fest
A celebration for Dana Scully's 50th birthday!

It's for ten days only, so we're allowing multiple signups; right now, it's two people per day. To participate, all you need to do is claim a date and then post a new Scully-centric fanwork(s) on your day. You can post fanart, fanfic, graphics, icons, vids, podfic, essays, meta, or even a memoir telling how us how Scully influenced your life. As long as it's celebrating Scully, it will be welcomed. If you already know you won't be able contribute a fanwork or essay, join anyway so you can watch and cheer us on.

If you want to help publicize this, you can snag this handy code for use at DW and for cross-posting. If you prefer, the code for just this image and a smaller version can be found at the community on LJ. Thanks to [personal profile] monanotlisa for making these for us. ♥

 photo 30df51cd-55c0-4128-98ee-27173f8f5a27_zpsb4fb8a6d.jpg

The X-Files Gift Exchange, [livejournal.com profile] xf_santa is open to fanfic, podfic, fanart, and fanvids; on the fic side, anything goes—all we ask for is a minimum word count of 750, that kinks are tagged, and warnings included.

1. To SIGN UP, all you need to do is add a comment to the sign-up post containing your request by November 25. No separate posts this year! Everything stays in one place so your mods stay sane...

2. RESPONSES to gift requests are to be posted by January 6, in a separate entry to this community, preferably by your LiveJournal (or validated open id) user name of choice. The entries will go into a moderation queue until the reveal. All entries will be unveiled by the mods at the same time once every participant has a gift.

3. If you don't have or don't want to make a LiveJournal, that's not a problem. Just let one of the mods know ahead of time, email it to the [livejournal.com profile] xf_santa gmail account. We will format and post the entry for you.

This is suitable for use here and for cross-posts to LiveJournal.

We are a small fandom now so please publicize this gift exchange anywhere you think is appropriate. I hope to see you there!

Before I even had a chance to put up a notice here, the calender was filled up; however, do not despair, you can still post. There is a pinch hit list. And, Mulder's birthday, October 13th, is designated a free-for-all. Everyone can post on that day, no need for a LJ account! Use your open ID, your Twitter, your Facebook.

This year, to celebrate The X-Files 20th anniversary, in addition to our usual daily members' posts, we are doing a mini-rewatch marathon: two episodes a season, one MOW and one myth-arc, plus the pilot, in 33 days.

To make it easier on us this time around, [personal profile] ruuger and I decided to choose the episodes ourselves; [personal profile] wendelah1 is tackling seasons 1-5, [personal profile] ruuger 6-9. Next year, who knows. The two-part episodes are counted as one for the purposes of this rewatch.

Unsurprisingly, narrowing it down to two episodes a season was hard. Really hard. Here's the list, so you can see for yourselves.

You will notice there's a tbd on October 13. Since we know we left some favorites out, we thought we'd let the community pick the last episode. Scroll down. There's instructions at the end of the post.

I hope to see you all there.
I would like to boost the signal for a new community: [community profile] unconventionalcourtship. The sign-up is now until I have no idea when. It will run from March 15 through April 14. Each and every day now has someone writing for it, and many days have two people, so you can have any day you want. I chose March 31. It's for all fandoms, all pairings. The story has to be at least 1000 words.

The only catch is you have to pick your summary from a Boones and Mills/Harlequin Romance novel (or combine two or three), substituting the names of your characters, and the pronouns, of course, if needed, and write that story. The mods are really easy. You can change the setting, the plot, etc. As long as you hold to "the spirit of the summary," it's all good. I think that means as long as there's plenty of steamy sex, you're fine.

If you want to signal boost this yourself, there are dozens of these banners already made. Perhaps there is one more relevant to your interests; if not, the mod will make one for you if you supply a photograph.
As some of you already know, Porn Battle XIV has begun. You have from now until the 30th of January to write and post your fic. For your convenience, under the cut are all of prompts for The X-Files and for RPF: The X-Files. There are some for nearly every pairing I could imagine, and plenty for pairings I hadn't, too, as well as some intriguing Stargate SG-1 cross-over ideas. I, for one, would love to read some Freya/Anise/Fox Mulder smut muffins.

In case anyone was uncertain about it, you don't have to write explicit sex scenes for these. Fade to black is fine. Fade to black is more than fine. You can also create art, vids and songs.

The X-Files )

The X-Files RPF )

Stargate SG-1/The X-Files )
Title: Fire and Ice
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Characters: Mulder & Doggett
Summary: Doggett did not believe, not really.

Read @ AO3

On the third day of X-mas, Mulder gave to Scully

Three Gunmen,

Two snide retorts and a global conspiracy.

[livejournal.com profile] 12daysofxfiles is live. So far, there are good, serious stories and many not-so-serious "texts from the xfiles" macros. ♥ ♥ ♥

I think next year we should run one here, too. What do you think?

"Ask again later," says my Magic 8 Ball.
I swear I meant to post this weeks ago. Because we miss [livejournal.com profile] xf_santa, and because we wanted there to be somewhere for Philes to celebrate, [personal profile] memories_child and I created a community at LJ, [livejournal.com profile] 12daysofxfiles.

The 12 Days of X-Files will run January 1-12, for no reason except that's what I picked. Each day now has someone claiming them, but anyone who is a member and wants to post a particular day can do so. Just let us know so we can give you posting privileges.

All fanworks are welcome: fanfiction of any length from a double-drabble on up (that's two hundred words); fanart, including icons, banners, and story illustrations; fanmixes and fanvids of any length; podfic would be great. Why isn't there more podfic of our stories? Meta? Absolutely! Episode reviews? Fantastic! Fanfic recs? You betcha. If you only have time to make five icons, post 'em. No theme is necessary. Every episode and character is fair game.

[livejournal.com profile] 12daysofxfiles

If you don't have time to create something, just follow along and comment. Let's celebrate The X-Files!


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