Happy 49th birthday to Fox Mulder! (And happy 54th birthday to Chris Carter as well.)

(And, yes, I realize it's nearly 10/14 in a good chunk of the world. Hey, I fell asleep last night without doing this, so sue me. Lots more hours in the Americas, though!)

In honor of the day: post something! A favorite vid, fic, meta, LOLMulder, etc, etc, etc, in honor of the birthday boy.

I have two offerings:

OK, I'm sure everyone's seen this, and I think it's certainly possible to make a better X-Files vid to Telephone, but I haven't had time nobody has yet, so:

And for fic, if you haven't read Syntax 6's Birthday Stories, or haven't read them recently, today's the day to do it, for half of them, at least. I'd say which ones I like best, except that 1) my real favorite is a Scully-birthday one (season 3) and 2) they're all good.


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