Well I've been thinking
'Bout all the places we've surfed and danced
And all the faces we've missed
So let's get back together and Do It Again

For today's final challenge you may redo any one of the previous challenges for a second round of points!!! Or do any of them for the first time!

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Don't forget, if you have posted anything new since the last update, post a link here.

Final tallies and the winners to be announced...soon.
This is it, denizens of Philedom. We are nearly done with our Olympics. Damn. I'm feeling misty already.

For our penultimate event, on May 14 we challenge you to write the most absurd possible crossover crack!ficlet, length to be between 100-300 words. Of course, if you are inspired to write a crossover crack! novella, we will not disqualify you, although I can't guarantee an audience. Points will be awarded (between 5-10 points depending on cracktasticness excellence, as judged by our panel of crack!experts, [personal profile] littlegreen42, [personal profile] heartequals and whoever else we can rope into doing it.

With the X-Files, it's hard to imagine a really absurd cross-over. Didn't someone already write a Carebears cross-over? If anyone here has a link to the Terrible Cross-over Fanfiction Generator, X-Files Special Edition, I'll edit and post the link here. Otherwise, you're on your own.

The Terrible Cross-over Fanfiction Generator. Just substitute The X-Files for one of the fandoms.

And now, the point competition update!

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Don't forget, if you have posted anything to any of the earlier challenges since Amal's last update, or if anything you've posted has not been counted yet, or if I just added your points wrong this time around, please let me know in a comment to this post so I can include it in your totals.
At last, we have arrived at Fanfic Flamingo Day. For May 13, your challenge is to create an X-files-related Flamingo macro. To do that, go to the Fanfic Flamingo Meme Generator, make your Phile-centric macro, then come back and post it here or in your journal with a link. Or both! I think it would be more hilarious to have them lining up here in a stack of comments.

This could apply to any fandom, but it's a personal favorite.

We're heading into the home stretch but there is still plenty of time to make macros, Flamingos, metas, and 100-words-exactly drabbles. Make them. Post them. Link them.
Your task for May 12 is to post a drabble of EXACTLY 100 words to a one-day drabble-fest. (5 points each, maximum 10 points)

Why EXACTLY 100 words you ask? Let's ask the Fanfic Flamingo!

The Flamingo has spoken!

Now we need prompts...or do we? I have never been in a one-day drabble-fest. Suggestions, if you need them: episode titles, seasons, numbers, colors, days of the week, tarot cards, pairs of opposites, as in Night and Day, or Up the Down Staircase. Movie titles, book titles, television shows, poems. Paranormal phenomena. Or anything else that strikes your fancy.

And now, the point competition update!

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Don't forget, if you have posted anything to any of the earlier challenges since Amal's last update, or if anything you've posted has not been counted yet, please let me know in a comment to this post so I can include it in your totals.
The results are in, no thanks to yours truly, as I have apparently lost the ability to do simple math. You may thank [personal profile] idella for completing this task for us. <3 <3 <3

But first, the point competition update!

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Fight Club Official Results

There were some shockers here, especially in the gratuitous nudity category. I honestly felt that my write-in candidate, Mr. Fox Mulder in a Speedo, should have been a shoo-in, but NO. Anyway, here are your winners.

Best Informer: X

Most Inappropriate Yet Hot Kiss: Mulder and Scully locking lips in The Truth.

Funniest Song Moment: tie between Mulder's rendition of "Shaft" and Reyes singing whale song.

Mulder Nickname: Spooky

Worst Mulder Family Death: Fox Mulder

Most Gratuitous Nudity: in terms of actual stated votes, Reyes (I count one each for Skinner and Mulder and two for Reyes.)

Other interesting statistics )

And there you have it! Now let's go write some fills, make some art and meta some meta.

Mulder and Scully are fighting behind the cut )

Gif stolen reblogged from I HAVE LOVED LIKE NO OTHER.
I know I said this yesterday, too, but I promise to have the points from the Fight Club added and the totals updated by tomorrow afternoon. My brain is just too fried tonight. OKAY?

Your assignment for May 11 is to post a meta of at least 300 words to your journal, and make a post linking to it on [community profile] philedom (10 points). Three hundred words? Piece of cake!

Meta doesn't have to consist of "thinky thoughts" in an essay format. The best meta I've ever read for The X-Files is a work of fanfiction: Livia Balaban's "M. Luder: King of Seti Troopers Fanfic." A cartoon can be a meta, so can a filk. But if your talent lies in the thinky-thought direction, bring it on.

Here is another priceless bit of X-Files meta.

The original went down when AOL Hometown closed down but here is a Waybacked link.

Don't forget, if you have posted anything to any of the earlier challenges since Amal's last update, or if anything you've posted has not been counted yet, please let me know in a comment to this post so I can include it in your totals.

Promises, promises.
Hi, fellow Dreamwith Philes. I'm [personal profile] wendelah1. At [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh's request, I am posting tomorrow's challenge.

So far, we have had 63 comments on today's challenge, The Philedom Fight Club, and there is no stopping us now, especially since I keeping losing track of your points and can't update the tally. Of course, this means you can keep posting there until I finish it or Amal finishes it, whichever comes first.

In addition, if you have posted anything to any of the earlier challenges since Amal's last update, or if anything you've posted has not been counted yet, please let me know in a comment to this post so I can include it in your totals.

The challenge for May 10th is to make an X-Files related macro out of a screen cap or promo picture from the X-Files. (5 points each, max 10 points)

Here is my favorite Phile macro of all time, which was made by a member of the Phile capslock community at Live Journal a couple of years ago, I think by [livejournal.com profile] blackholevalley.

What can I say...she's playing my song.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT MAY 8TH: Make an icon or banner for an XF fic, whether posted on Dreamwidth or not, post it in your journal, and make a post linking to it. Also--THE REST OF THE CHALLENGES--ALL STILL OPEN.

We have had a grand time so far, so let's keep it going. Let's do it for Philedom. Let's do it for our mod.
Happy/silly/ridiculous/hilarious X-Files fanvids reclist!

Honestly, this was more an excuse to spend an afternoon watching XF fanvids than anything else. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
I made a visual fanwork! In response to [personal profile] dustyasymptotes's prompt: X-Files supporting cast (dry cleaners, lab tech, janitors, security desk), a day in the life.

Here on my journal!
You know what we need? An X-Files Friending/Subscription meme. So I decided to make one:

Tons of awesome prompts over at the challenge! I can't wait to start writing some of them. *g*

Scores so far:

expand to see )

One announcement: for people who were playing yesterday who have posted prompts to the challenge, without posting a comment here telling me about it, I added in your points; however, I won't be able to do that for other challenges, so please remember to come back to the daily challenge post and leave a comment saying you fulfilled it. Otherwise your mod will eventually lose it. Thanks!

Today's challenge is to post X-Files prompts to a fanwork challenge *other* than the one here at [community profile] philedom. After all, there are tons of people out there who have watched the show and care about the characters; let's spread the love elsewhere on DW!

Here is a partial list of pan-fandom challenges elsewhere on DW:

Queerly Gen Work and Play Flash-Fanwork Challenge
Transfic Mini Festival
Disabled People Being Awesome festival (Krycek qualifies; possibly CSM and Jeffery Spender towards the end of the series? Plus a bunch of one-shot characters; "supernaturally" disabled characters are permitted)
Eid Ka Chand Muslim Characters fanworks challenge (OCs are allowed/encouraged)
Friendship Fic Festival hosted by [community profile] philedom's own [personal profile] littlegreen42!
Chromatic Characters festival (somebody go leave me some Drummy prompts already, Wendy I'm looking at you)
Asexy Comment Fanworks Meme!
Femslash Mini Meta Fest
"As You Wish" Comment Fic Meme
First Kiss Comment Fic Meme

There are also other fandom-specific challenges out there, which I haven't bothered to track; if you post an XF crossover in one of them, it will count for today's challenge. If you find other fic memes or challenges, please let me know in comments!

You earn 5 points per prompt, up to a total of 10 points. However, you are obviously encouraged to post more than 2 different prompts!

To receive credit for your prompts, please post links to them in a comment here. If possible, please format them using proper HTML, so that people who might want to fill them can click through directly to go post. So, type this:

[a href=link goes here]prompt words go here[/a]

And then replace the brackets with < > marks instead.

Questions? Math mistakes on my part? Leave a comment here, or email or PM me!
Title: Family Reunions
Author: Amal Nahurriyeh ([personal profile] amalnahurriyeh)
Summary: Things get put back together.
Genre: Gen; Kidfic.
Rating: PG (adult themes, but no violence, one not-for-TV word)
Warnings: None.
Note: This is set in the Caseyverse, the spin-off universe to my fic Machines of Freedom. I'd be happy to give anyone who wants to read this without having read the previous stories a vague sense of the universe.
Disclaimer: Intellectual property is a capitalist fiction designed to oppress the working fic-writer. That said, I don't own them either.

( Dear Mulder, I wanted to let you know that we received the birthday cards. )
Welcome to the X-Files creative challenge for 3W4DW! This is a place to write, draw, or otherwise produce SOMETHING AWESOME in celebration of the X-Files, and all of the awesome characters and scenarios we love so much.

What sort of works are eligible?

Any X-Files or crossover X-Files fanwork can be posted here.

How Should Prompts Be Formatted?

There should be only one prompt per comment.

An X-Files only prompt should include characters/pairings and prompt. Use a slash for a romantic/sexual pairing, and & or the word "and" for a friendship pairing, like this:

Monica Reyes, Ouija boards

Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek, leather

Dana Scully and John Doggett, watching NASCAR

A crossover prompt should contain character names and fandom along with prompt, like this:

X-Files/Fringe, Dana Scully and Walter Bishop, Mad Scientists Union

X-Files/Doctor Who, Fox Mulder/Tenth Doctor, tall drink of water

Those are some crap prompts, Amal.

Bite me. So leave some of your own.

Do prompts need to be claimed? Can prompts only be used once? Can I write for my own prompt?

No, no, and yes, in order.

How do I fill a post?

Post your fill as a reply to the original prompt. If it won't fit in a comment, link to your journal.

How should fills be formatted?

Please put the title, prompt, and rating in the subject line. If you want to warn or provide content notes, please do so in the first line of the post. Images that are NSFW should be posted in full elsewhere and should have a SFW thumbnail on the challenge page.

Is there a deadline?

The challenge will open on April 26th, and run through May 15th for the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw festival. You may start filling prompts as soon as they are posted, and may continue posting prompts until May 13th. Because this is a 3W4DW challenge, please keep all posted fanworks on DW-only for 21 days after posting, although it is perfectly fine to post links elsewhere.

I heard a rumor there would be prizes.

Participants in the challenge can earn points for Philedom Olympics 2011, for leaving prompts, making fanworks, and leaving comments.

I have another question!

Ask me in the question thread!
As a part of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, we here at [community profile] philedom will be running a competition, in order to build community, create fanworks and support XF fan creators on Dreamwidth, and generally have a ball celebrating that the First Fandom Of The Internet is still alive and kicking. For the next 21 days, we will run daily challenges, which will accrue points for those playing. Challenges will cover a wide range of fannish activities, from making fanworks, leaving prompts, leaving comments, playing goofy games, and generally having a ball.

Q. How do I earn points?
A. Just complete the day's challenge! (There is no need to complete it on the day listed; for instance, if you post a fic of more than 300 words on April 25, you can earn credit for it on May 1.) For some of the challenges, you will need to post links proving that you, for instance, posted a comment or prompt. For others, your reply to the daily challenge post will count as your points-earning (such as hangman or macro-making).

Q. Who will be judging and running this?
A. I, [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh will take point on this, so to speak. My name is Amal, but you may call me God Wrong fandom there for a minute, sorry. However, if anyone wants to help out, that would be AWESOME; I do, occasionally, have a life that does not revolve around waving my hands around about the X-Files on the internet. (Very, very occasionally.) I will post a running tally of where people are in the race every day, as part of the daily challenge post; if you see errors in my accounting, please mention them as soon as possible.

Q. If this is a competition, then there should be prizes.
A. You are right, despite not having asked your question in the form of a question! We are still determining what the prizes will be, but they may include such excellent things as Dreamwidth points, banners, or...other things. (Ahem. Community members are welcome to help me think up ideas here.)

Q. What is the schedule?
A. The full schedule of challenges is below the cut. If I have magically missed any days or done something like that, please let me know. (Many thanks to [profile] heart_equals, [personal profile] rustingwillpowr, and [personal profile] rhi for their help in designing this!) I am in the eastern US; therefore, "daily" posts will be made sometime on the day in question in my timezone. (In deference to the many possible players located to my east, I will try to make them right around midnight my time, since I'm usually up.)

click to see the whole schedule )

Q. I have another question!
A. Ask it in comments!

In Conclusion:

bring it on
I'm currently diligently working on the schedule for [community profile] philedom Fannish Olympics, to begin on MONDAY, APRIL 25. I should get that up...er, tomorrow if I'm lucky, Friday if I'm not? Sorry about that. But, anyway, in EXCITING PREPARATION, I wanted to start to compile a list of X-Files fanworks produced and published on DW at any point during the past year (so from April 2010 until right this minute). Points will be awarded for commenting on fanworks of any kind; picspams, fics, vids, meta, whatever anybody's got. If you posted anything X-Files related on DW this year, please post in this comment--like, for instance, with a link to your relevant tag on your journal, or link to specific works if you want.

\0/ Share the love, people!
So, it seems that people are interested in a series of daily challenges during [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. The one issue with this is that, um, that means we need a series of challenges! A couple of people have suggested crowdsourcing this, so I'm turning it to the wisdom of the masses.

I'm trying to come up with a point-scoring system. And, of course, if we want there to be prizes beyond UNDYING FAME AND GLORY, we will need to come up with some. Ideas? Thoughts? I, your intrepid mod, have no artistic skills beyond macro-making; perhaps someone else would like to volunteer their services?

Here are some possible ideas for challenges.

cut for length )
Hey, Philes--

So, [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is fast approaching again. Last year, I made some discussion posts and we had our squee!fest. I'm wondering what we'd like to do this year (if anything).

One idea I had would be to do an XF-specific fandom appreciation challenge, where we had some sort of competition or something--points for submitting XF prompts or fills to 3W4DW comment-fic fests, maybe our own drabble competition, points for doing recs lists or metas or leaving feedback or IDK what. Something! A party! Maybe even a competition with a prize of some sort?

What do people think? What would be fun to do? What would be exciting?

From philedom 3w4d

I'll have to make some new macros this year, huh.
Thanks to everyone for making Squee!Fest 2010 such a success! We will have to repeat this at regular intervals. ;)

Today's Activity of Randomness is inspired by an image I saw on I Can Has Cheezburger? last night. It just begged to be recaptioned:

From philedom 3w4d

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a cat or other animal photo, and add an X-Files appropriate caption. You can use ICHC's captioner, or go right to ROFLBot.

HAY. I am tardy to the party but hopefully this makes up for it. Without further ado:

Some people are Mulderists. Some people are Scullyists. That is all fine and good. I, however, am carrying the flag for someone EVEN BETTER:

WARNING: contains excessive hyperbole, poorly edited pictures, and insinuations of promiscuity within the FBI )

In conclusion, let's hear it for

All screencaps are from I Still Believe, all photos from Big Light Productions. gif is from the internet.


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